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For some guys, moisturizing is already one skin care step too many. (It’s a stereotype, but it’s true.) So, it may be difficult to turn your partner, brother, or pops on to the benefits of chemical-free products.

The best way? Set them up with brands that cater to them with neutral packaging and subdued scents that don’t reek of roses and lavender. We enlisted the men in our lives to help us choose the most effective natural products that fit that criteria. Some are unisex (so you can share) and some cater to his specific needs, i.e., non-toxic after-shave.

Adopting a proper natural skincare routine can help men keep their skin looking and feeling healthy. The key is washing and moisturizing every day.

That being said, we do have natural skin care products that our male seems to really enjoy and we would like to share them with you.


All soaps can be enjoyed by both men and woman, but there are some scents that seem to be more appealing to men.

Perfumed Soap Mar from Palmaria

This perfumed soap called MAR, is elaborated following the old craft tradition of vegetal origin. It hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth because of the quality of its composition. It’s inspired in the sea, the sun and the soft air form a Mediterranean island. Its composition mixes the savage freshness of its small aquatic notes with bergamot, white musk and patchouli.

P.V.P: 9 € / 150 gr.

Cacao Botanic Soap fromCarelia

Soap incredibly creamy, hydrating and regenerating elaborated in a traditional way starting from a base of 100% pure botanic oils (olive oil and coconut oil) compressed at low temperatures. Theobroma Cacao ‘God’s food’. The chocolate’s luxury in your skin.

P.V.P: 12 €/ 100 g.


Includes shaving soaps, after shave balm, wood shaving brushes and wood shaving bowls.

Mr. Wash fromMr. Moustache

A very delicate cleaning soap created to remove beard impurities, leaving it soft, removing all signals of peeling and redness of the skin. It can be used also as a diary soap to face cleaning and later on you can apply some serum or some face cream.

P.V.P: 24 €/ 250 ml.

Beard Oils:

A great natural beard oil promotes healthy hair follicles.

Mr. Potion Aceite from Mr. Moustache

Silky oil which hydrates the beard without weighing or greasing it. Furthermore, it regenerates it leaving a soft and pleasant touch. It prevents subcutaneous irritation and dryness, leaving a very nice and persuasive smell.

P.V.P: 29 €/ 50 ml.


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