RR.PP and Events

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We organized all kind of events for our clients: Presentations of brands, product launches, open days, etc. We take care of all aspects of the event from design and production to choosing the location, setting, invitations, media attendance, guests and then be in charge of the follow-up.


agencia de belleza

We work every day to make sure that your brand is known. We talk to over 600 journalists from beauty, fashion, life & style decoration and print media, television, radio and internet. We write notes, corporate press kits and press releases for product launches. We track the media appearances keep our customers updated daily about the impact achieve and its economic value.

Counselling and communication

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We believe in fluid communication with our customers. We advise our clients in all aspects of their corporate communication with a common strategy.

Other forms of communication

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We want to keep our clients connected with world of culture, fashion and we achieve this through collaboration schemes with theater or cinema premieres, etc.

Community manager & social strategist

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Myownpress offers responsible for the editorial management of your company blog hosting editorial content, choosing the photos and topics. He will also create a company account in social networks like Facebook, working daily movement and management of the account, the interaction with fans and users, congratulations, new information, update photo albums, contests, tracking profile own, etc.. With the aim of reaching without intermediaries and end users know your opinion about the products and the brand. Be established in Twiter interaction with users, information news, competitions.

Consultoría de imagen de marca

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Brand positioning or repositioning strategies:

  • product-celeb-placement

    Association of the customer or its product with celebrities ad-hoc

  • creating_or_updating

    (Logos, stationery)

  • developing_communication_materials_internally_or_externally

    (Look-books, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, corporate gifts, merchandising)

  • web_design_and_restyling

  • photographs

    (Still lifes, portraits)

  • decor

    Creation / renovation of ‘flagship’ space (shops, clinics, offices)